Kurama x Kuwabara

The Thief and the Swordsman

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A Kurama/Kuwabara fan community.
Welcome to kuramaxkuwabara! The community for Kurama/Kuwabara fans to come and show their love for the couple.

We encourage members to share works relating to the main purpose of the comm. Fanfiction, fan art, icons, banners, anything!

Fans of the Kuwabara/Kurama romance or just fans of their friendship are welcomed.

The only few rules we have in order to maintain the peace are:

~No bashing characters. We're here because we share a love for the show.
~No flames. Constructive criticism is always helpful - flames are always undesirable.
~Please keep advertising down to only those journals/communities related to Yu Yu Hakusho.
~No plagiarizing or stealing [whatever it is] without the permission of the owner. All plagiarism or suspected plagiarism will be reported.
~Place large posts and all posts with images under an lj-cut.
~Label fanfiction and fanart accordingly.

Come and spread the Kuwabara/Kurama love around!

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