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Recs, Please?

Hi, guys! I just recently got into this pairing, and I'm dying for some fic and art. I've done some hunting, but I haven't had a lot of luck. I've already gone through the posts on this community, and read all that's been posted here.

So if anyone could point me toward some more fanfic, or fanart sites, I'd be so grateful. <3

I'm Still Here

Toguro, you bastard, how could you….?! It’s no use…I can't stop the flow of blood.... Shizuru forgive me…I couldn’t save him… His reiki is fading…..his body is getting cold..... Please....please don't leave me....don't leave me.....Kuwabara!

Hey! Hey!! HEY! KURAMA!!

Kurama's eyes snapped open. He sat up and looked around, realizing he was laying on the couch in his living room with Kuwabara kneeling by his side. A dream..? But...it seemed so real.... "What's wrong?" asked Kuwabara asked, panic stricken. "Sounded like you having a nightmare? You were calling my name and asking me not to leave you." Kurama looked away, trying to hide the tears that were in his eyes.
"I can't help it..." he whispered. "Huh," asked Kuwabara, "you can't help what?"  Kurama gave a soft whimper and began crying. Kuwabara, surprised to see him crying and not knowing what to do pulled Kurama off the couch and into his arms. “I just can’t help it,” sobbed Kurama, his face buried in Kuwabara’s shoulder. “I know it happened so long ago…but it still scares me…”
“Babe, calm down,” said Kuwabara, “and tell me what you are talking about.” It took a while but, when Kurama sobs were diminished to random hiccupping signs, he began to talk. “During the Dark Tournament,” he mumbled, “when Yusuke fought Toguro and Toguro attacked you to bring out Yusuke’s full power.” Kurama took a deep breath as his eyes brimmed with tears again and continued. “Even though his attack wasn’t fatal, it still scares me. What if I lost you? What if you died?”
Kuwabara held Kurama, unable to say anything. It’s been years since the
Dark Tournament. Their enemies had already been defeated and everyone, including the Makai was at peace, so Kuwabara never gave much thought about it… Protect your friends
and loved ones even at the cost of your life, that’s how real men do it. That concept was so natural to Kuwabara, that when it came down to it, he never worried or hesitated. But…
How long has this bothered Kurama? How long had Kurama been tortured with these nightmares? Even before he had confessed his feelings to Kuwabara, how long had Kurama suffered from this? Holding Kurama even closer, Kuwabara finally spoke. “Please don’t cry,” he said, “It’s all right. I’m still here.” Looking up from Kuwabara’s shoulder, Kurama whispered, “I’m sorry.”
Kuwabara smiled
“It's alright,” he said again, giving Kurama a kiss on the cheek. “Don't cry, I'm still here."
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Leech - Chapter 4 (Incomplete, teaser)

Ever since Kurama agreed to the commitment with Shizuru, he quickly adapted and became an excellent stewart. In fact, one would call him so great at this, it would be creepy and agitating.  He would call Kuwabara several times a day, and would visit his house, often more than once.  The concerns would range, from whether or not Kuwabara was eating, to how well he was handling Shizuru's ailment and the recent breakup with Yukina.

"Dude! I'm fine!" Kuwabara shouted, thinking that this calling has become incessant.  "I don't mean to be a jackass, but your cals are getting bothersome!"

"I am doing this because I am deeply concerned," Kurama said, knowing that he was perhaps being bothersome, but also acknowledging the direness of the situation.  He knew that he had to be there for Kuwabara, not only for Kuwabara and Shizuru's sake, but for his own as well.  He knew that if anything were to happen to Kuwabara, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

"Look, man, if you want a date, all you have to do is ask!" Kuwabara joked, trying to lighten the air.  Little did he know, that statement would mean the world to Kurama if he wasn't just pulling his leg.  Kurama did not know what to say out of embarassment, so he abruptly hung up.

"Finally, some time to myself," Kuwabara let a sigh of relief.  Those feelings were then coupled with regret, however, for he knew he shouldn't have shooed Kurama away. Still, he couldn't help but feel a bit calm when there wasn't a call about Yukina, Shizuru, or food.  He was in the middle of enjoying a bit of serenity when there came another call.

"Who can it be now...?"  Kuwabara asked sarcastically, assuming it was Kurama.  He answered the phone, without a single thought. 

"What's up, man?" He said nonchalantly, though with a tinge of annoyance.

"Kazuma Kuwabara? This is Nurse Kuwamoto," The woman called, with an air of sadness that veiled her voice like a gothic bride.  "I am here to tell you... that ....well, come to the hospital. You'll see."
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kurama 1

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Based on Animeverse and Mangaverse, what's your favorite Kurama and Kuwabara moment.

I think my favorite moment will always be when Kuwabara was uncomfortable with knowing Kurama's a demon and unsure if he wants to have him near his cat again.
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Leech - Chapter 3 - Shizuru

As Kuwabara and Kurama walked into the room that was Shizuru’s, the temperature plummeted at least 10 degrees. To watch Kuwabara’s expression change was both shocking as well as discouraging. His normally pale complexion turned into an even more deathly greyish white hue. His dark onyx eyes were as cold as a dreary December and twice as disheartening.

“Kuwabara,” Kurama spoke softly, trying not to upset him, but by the time Kurama uttered his name it was far too late: Kuwabara was already feeling all the hopelessness that life has put on him. He simply ignored Kurama to look at his sister Shizuru, who was occupying that bed for about a year now. It was quite a dejected sight to see a woman, who was once so vibrant and beautiful, go down. Though her eyes were open, every other form of life she used to have was gone. Her figure, which used to be so robust and full, was now thin and gaunt. Her skin, which used to be of a light tan, was now a snow white with a ghastly silver hue. The most saddening view was her mahogany eyes, which used to produce so much life, was now a thin, fading light, barely going through.

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Forever and a Dream (For KuramaxKuwabara)

Dancing on the mint leaves
A romance that seems to be everlasting
You nice warm lips pressing against mine
Euphoria lasting forever and a dream.

I want this moment to be eternal
But time and destiny are in pursuit of us
However, as I look into the moon shining upon us
I realize we will rise victorious against the evil outer forces
And our love will last forever.

A happy ending is what I'm waiting for
A never dying love story
A light of the moon shines on us through the dawn
It's a shine on the spearmint leaves gives a golden gleam of hope.

For as long as the memory of the mint leaves remains beautiful
That is as long our paradise will last
As long as this love will last
Is forever and a dream.

Racing thoughts become complacent
Hete turns itself into love
Everything is so calm and beautiful
When you love somebody
Every misfortune turns into fortune.

Love last forever and a dream
That how long our love will salvage
The dream goes on forever
Forever going strong.

For Kuwabara and Kurama pairing.......thank you.
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Leech - Chapter 2 - "I am not worried, I am not overly concerned."

Kuwabara awoke after a few hours. It was two o'clock in the morning, so he asked Kurama to please go home. Kurama said of course, that it was late, and that his mother Shiori would be worried.

"I will be looking after you from now on Kuwabara." Kurama said happily,  his smile revealing his baby teeth.

"You always do." Kuwabara said plainly, knowing if he had any problems, Kurama would have his back.


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Uh... a dream post?

Hey, I had a silly dream involving the two boys. Figure I'd share it in a comm where someone may care. 8D;;;

I was in an apartment that strangely looked like my brother's girlfriend's place and I was hanging out with Kuwabara and Kurama. We were playing card games (odd, since I can't play card games much). A moment later, Kurama said he needed to go to the bathroom and we waited for a while. Kuwabara got worried or something and decided to check up on him, so I waited a while (and wondered if I should "call Jorge") and got worried myself. I was worried and feeling "meh" at the same time. "Meh" as in I already knew what was going on.

I went to the refrigerator (which is clear and transparent, but fogged up), knowing that the two were MAKING OUT in there. They didn't figure me out yet until I got closer and said, "GEE, I SURE FEEL LIKE SETTING THE FRIDGE ON FIRE RIGHT ABOUT NOW~"

And I saw the half-naked boys scrambling around before coming out of the fridge. I have no idea how they could fit in there, especially Kuwabara. That must be one damn huge fridge.

I think this dream might have stemmed from my sudden urge to rewatch the series, as well as from my new Kuwabara muse. Haha!

By the way, if this isn't allowed, sorry! I'll delete it if it isn't.
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